Notable Notebooks – Einstein, Newton, Da Vinci, and their Famous Notebooks

History is filled with stories of famous scientists and artists, and the notebook pages they covered with text, drawings, and equations in sometimes indecipherable shorthand. As some of the most famous minds in history worked in laboratories and studios, solving problems that shaped modern life or creating the artworks that are still revered today, they recorded their steps with pen and paper.

Many of those collections exist today because of the care that went into the creation of those notebooks and the quality of the materials used in their construction. In many cases, the handwriting, done with an inkwell and quill, was just as painstakingly added to a lab notebook’s once-empty pages.

Housed under glass domes in museums to protect the information they hold for future generations, many of those early scientific notebooks still exist today. They often show the wandering path taken by the writer or sculptor as they grew closer to the scientific solution or artistic perfection.

The quality of the laboratory notebook or scientific binder’s construction kept its pages protected from the elements and stored the information for later review. The quality of those notebooks has kept the information within accessible for hundreds of years, ensuring the information would be handed down from generation to generation.

Da Vinci’s Codex, Newton’s Principia, and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity all started as scribbles on a blank page. The incredible breakthroughs that would lead to ideas with immeasurable influence all began as text and digits on an empty page.

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