Personalized Scientific Notebook

Personalize your notebook by stamping the book title, your name, the name of your company, university or school, laboratory, etc. on the cover, and/or spine of the book in gold, silver or other color of your choice. Additionally, the volume number of the book can be stamped on the cover and/or spine. We can also print the book/volume number on each page of the notebook.

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Options To Personalize

Unlike our competitors, we offer foil stamping of your company, department or laboratory name, or book title anywhere on the front cover of your notebooks, along with volume or book numbers on the spine. This is available in gold, silver, or a color of your choice.

Foil stamping on cover (up to 7 inches per line) and spine:
One time set-up fee: $3.50 per line
Price per line of stamping: $1.50 per line
Horizontal number on spine: $1.50 per book

Hand-stamping book number on each page of book: $3.50 per book

Stamp foil logo on cover:
One-time set-up fee: $60
Logo stamping: $1.50-4.00 per book, depending on size of logo

Adhere sheet to inside cover: $1.25 per book

Remove/replace sheets from stock book: $2.00 per book

Re-setting fee: $1.50 per line, per book

When you're ready to order, identify the type of personalization you're seeking on our order form.