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Duplicate Grid Notebook

Duplicate Grid Notebook

Grid Notebook | Stock #B50D

Now only available as a custom book, this 8 ½ x 11 inch notebook has 52 sets of numbered, duplicate white pages with ¼ inch grid.  The original pages are printed in light blue and the perforated, easily-removable, duplicate pages are printed in light green.  The acid-free white pages are permanently sewn into the book.  Each book contains a Table of Contents and a page of Instructions for using a scientific notebook and securing patent protection.  Headers and footers include the additional legally necessary language to make your notebook a defensible document to protect your intellectual property in court of law.  The header on each workpage provides a space for the Title, the Project Number and the Book Number and a place to record Work continued from Page__.  The footer on each workpage has spaces for Signature and Date, Disclosed To and Understood By and Date, and Witness and Date.  Our books all feature hard, extension-style, coated, washable covers.  The pages lay flat when opened for ease of use in the laboratory.  These notebooks are ideal for patent-related research, development and design and as a laboratory notebook.  [Please note:  These books require carbon paper.  We have found this method to produce the best quality duplication.  Two sheets of carbon paper are included with each book for your convenience.]

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* * * SPECIAL EDITION in stock now: * * *
CARMEL color, 100 pages (not 52 pages) - $40.00 per book

A limited supply of CARMEL color, 100 page, notebooks are available for immediate shipment or may be personalized. For more information visit our personalized services page, here. 
Other Duplicate Grid Notebooks are still available as custom books. Please call or email us for a quote.

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